Developing Geothermal Resources to Meet Increasing Energy Needs with Sustainable, Clean and Renewable Energy

DEEP is developing Saskatchewan’s geothermal resources for power generation. Using its geological expertise and first-mover advantage, DEEP will harness high quality geothermal resources with existing technology to establish a long term renewable baseload power supply. DEEP’s long term goal is to develop 100s of megawatts of baseload power facilities from small repeatable 5 megawatt (MW) power plants. Each 5MW facility would power approximately 5000 households.

DEEP has secured a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract with SaskPower. This is the first PPA in Canada issued for a geothermal power facility. Read more

DEEP is underway with a ~$8M Bankable Feasibility Study with the first of 3 Milestones now complete. DEEP is now underway with Milestone 2, which includes the drilling and testing for production, and injection zone viability. Drilling is expected to occur in June, 2018. Final testing and reservoir modelling from the program will refine the assumptions made on the resource in the Prefeasibility Study and effectively outlay the best design parameters for what will be Canada’s first geothermal power generation facility.

Geothermal Power Benefits:

  • Baseload – the only renewable that produces baseload power, running 24/7 independently of wind or sunshine
  • Green - Zero carbon-based fuel consumption
  • Small environmental footprint – small surface area that does not affect bird migration
  • Geothermal power facilities produce a useful by-product - HEAT - that can be integrated to supply greenhouses, fish farms, and food processing
  • With proper heat reservoir management, geothermal resources will never run out; geothermal power plants can run indefinitely
  • Builds off Saskatchewan’s world class drilling technology and expertise

Project Highlights:

  • DEEP has secured a Power Purchase Agreement with SaskPower for Saskatchewan’s first geothermal power facility
  • A $2M Prefeasibility study was completed in 2014, funded in partnership with SaskPower and Natural Resources Canada
  • Well known geology: vast sedimentary reservoir over 100s of square miles; initial temperature and porosity/permeability data already available from existing well data from oil and gas and potash exploration
  • Small repeatable 4-5 MW projects in an area with the potential for 100s of megawatts of baseload electrical production
  • Mature and reliable Organic Rankine Cycle turbine techology. Geothermal power generation passes hot water through an exchanger, creates steam and drives a turbine to produce electricity
  • Project economics - Installed cost per MW is competitive with other renewables like wind, solar and hydro, and has the unique advantage of constant power availability (95% capacity)

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