Developing Geothermal Resources to Meet Increasing Energy Needs with Secure, Clean and Renewable Energy

DEEP’s immediate goal is to be the first geothermal power producer in Saskatchewan. Using its geological expertise and first-mover advantage, DEEP will harness high quality geothermal resources with advanced technology and engineering to establish a long term renewable power supply. DEEP’s long term goal is to establish 100s of megawatts of baseload power production from small repeatable 4- 5 megawatt plants.

Geothermal Power Is:
1. Sustainable - A perpetual natural energy source
2. Green - Zero carbon-based fuel consumption
3. Profitable – Geothermal can be the lowest cost of alternative power generation

Project Highlights:

  • Well known geology: vast sedimentary reservoir over 100s of square miles; initial temperature and porosity/permeability data already available from existing well data from oil and gas exploration
  • Small repeatable 4-5 MW projects in an area with the potential for 100s of megawatts of baseload electrical production
  • Extremely environmentally friendly – no carbon emissions, silent, small surface footprint, inexhaustible heat resource
  • “Off the shelf” turbine and drilling technology – mature and reliable
  • Project economics - Installed cost per MW is competitive with other renewables like wind, solar and hydro, but has the unique advantage of constant power availability (95% capacity)

In Partnership with CanGEA
DEEP is a member of CanGEA, a national industry association that believes they can provide competitively priced, emissions free, renewable, base-load energy to Canadians and to US export markets.